These are the trivial things we can’t stop thinking about

Thank God for the trivial! Like that song lyric running through your head right now. Or, the obscure mystery in classic literature that you’ve puzzled over for years. (For example, who snitched on Josef K. in Kafka’s novel, The Trial? Who caused his arrest? We have a guess.)More

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Tyler Fischer makes us all feel better about being canceled

The career of comedian Tyler Fischer reminds us of an old Billy Joel song. “They sit at the bar and put bread in my jar and say, ‘man, what are you doin’ here?’” Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” is clearly talented. It’s only a matter of time before he makes it big. Today? If Billy Joel…More

Noel Gallagher left fame to become a bedroom musician

When a founding member of a rock band leaves to go solo, it’s to reach new heights. And yet, it wasn’t Noel Gallagher’s plan. He knew eclipsing the fame of his band Oasis was impossible. In fact, he wouldn’t try. When Noel Gallagher walked away in 2009 from the legendary band he founded, he said…More

Despite outward appearances, Dirty Harry is all heart

Does anyone remember Dirty Harry? The 50th anniversary of the first movie came and went recently. We didn’t notice any fanfare for the five-film series. We didn’t see a retrospective of the movies advertised on streaming services. Clint Eastwood didn’t trend on our Twitter feed. We’re not surprised the franchise lies dormant. Dirty Harry is…More

Is Liam Gallagher turning into Frank Sinatra?

Even for a blog, this headline is sort of ridiculous. LG, becoming Ol’ Blue Eyes? Are we talking about triumphant mid-career Sinatra? Frail old-guy Sinatra? We’re about to find out. No one expected Liam Gallagher to be here, relevant and killing it after Oasis at 50.More

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In the unique world of EDM, Heather Bright is even more so

“I don’t think fear and love can really co-exist,” Heather Bright once said. Her comment echoes a verse in the Bible, 1 John 4:18. “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear.” It’s possible Bright knows this verse. An EDM star, she grew up the daughter of a pastor. Heather Bright’s…More

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Mr. Kyle makes children’s music that parents can’t live without

Kyle Bain is wildly popular with kids who have heard his music. Surprisingly, parents are often bigger fans. If parents could somehow pay all of Kyle’s expenses, put him in a room, and get him to write an album’s worth of material per month, we would sign up for that. For all of the positive…More

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