Through reviews and opinion, we celebrate guilty pleasures in a world addicted to gloom and doom

Our Mission

Remember when people wasted their time online watching cat videos? A more innocent time, for sure. Today, people like to doomscroll 24/7 for hard news that scares the hell out of them. How things have changed for the worse! We encourage everyone to stop obsessing over the latest international crisis. Instead, enjoy the guilty pleasures rattling around in your head. We’re not talking about anything illicit, mind you. We’re talking about that song, that story, that movie that makes you smile.

What We Do

We promote the nonessential. Heck, we celebrate the trite and meaningless things that aren’t seen as valuable anymore. It could be an old, forgotten book. It could be a talented musician few have heard of. The thing doesn’t really matter. What matters is the spark, the personal meaning it gives us. We cover cultural moments that we go to sleep thinking about. Often, we think about them long into the next day. (It’s fun.)

Who We Are

Insomnia at Noon is a project of The Writing Thing Press. This website is written by Eugene Havens. Eugene doesn’t Twitter. Instead, he texts under-the-radar observations (obsessions) to friends. Eugene felt maybe it was time to share with people who could become friends. Eugene hates controversy and the spotlight. We’ll see how this goes.